Max Winkelman Videographer, Writer, JournalistI was born and grew up in the Netherlands. Since then, I have lived all over Canada. Currently I’m in Ottawa finishing a Masters in journalism to supplement my BA in psychology and Post-Bac in journalism. Journalistically I started co-hosting a radio show on Wednesday mornings during high school. I also won a local  newspaper scholarship.

During high school I started taking university classes in psychology. While taking my BA I conducted research and presented academic papers all around the world. This ranged in topics from sex selective abortions at a medical conference in Croatia to online social conformity at a psychology conference in Washington.

I found a job working for the Yukon Quest, a 1600 km sled-dog race across the Yukon and Alaska. While at the Yukon Quest, I interviewed mushers, wrote articles and did photography. After this I started a post-baccalaureate in journalism.

Subsequently I worked for an online news site in Halifax, called Haligonia. Embarrasingly, the first video piece I did I shot sideways and the editor posted it without correcting it in Final Cut Pro. While at Haligonia, however, I learned a lot. I organized high production value advertisements for non-profits to shooting hypnotist shows and covering daily news.

Once I left Haligonia I started my Masters degree at Carleton University. I also worked for Shaw TV; covering daily human interest stories, hosting and directing an arts show and editing any work in need of editing. This year I shot a documentary that is being shown in local theaters and will be finishing my Masters degree