Logging in Centennial Park

A story about a logging project near 100 Mile House

A buncher works to create a fireguard next to Bridge Creek. Max Winkelman photo.

By Max Winkelman

The District of 100 Mile House purchased private land behind Centennial Park and Evergreen Cres. and is clear cutting the area to create a fire break.

The district purchased the property approximately a year and a half ago in response to the concern over wildfires that have occurred in the broader area, according to Ken Freed, a forestry consultant hired by the district to co-ordinate the logging and owner of Kentree Ent. LTD.

“They decided that they’d do a fuel mitigation project which involved basically cutting a whole pile of trees down to open it up.”

Freed has also communicated with the BC Wildfire Service to get their input, he says.

“We started moving machines in on the 27th of December and commenced the cutting trees down and utilizing them and at the same time opening the property up to make a large fireguard type of scenario directly adjacent to town and the infrastructure.” Logging itself began on Tuesday, according to the District.

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